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About us

We are pioneers in our country's technological Assembly, established in Guayaquil - Ecuador, incorporated under the laws of Ecuador, through a public meeting in the city of Guayaquil on April 18, 2008.

 We have a modern industrial plant located at Km 5 Avenue Duran - Tambo, with 5 lines of assembly of LED TVs, 3 assembly lines for phones and a line SMT insertion, with which, at present, we maintain an efficient production capacity to meet the domestic and foreign market.

 Our staff of collaborators is composed of electronic technicians and engineers, they are constantly updated in and out of our country. Our testing and quality control laboratories , have equipment and tools feature of the latest technology.

 The components used are all top quality and customers can be sure to buy a product, in which, we strive to give the best and most important of all PROUDLY ECUADOR, backed by a human group that is every day working to contribute to our country and support its economy.




"Ensuring customer satisfaction through innovation in the electronics assembly, achieving high quality standards and providing services that meet their needs.”

“Maintaining leadership in the assembly of electronic equipment nationwide and be the best reference for international brands based on the use of technology and highly qualified.”


In Audioelec SA We are committed to the satisfaction and value creation for our shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers, through the continuous improvement of the integrated system, Environment, Quality and Safety in the workplace on the basis of the periodic review of its objectives, ensuring its relevance to the requirements and other applicable legislation be adopted voluntarily for our products and assembly operations of electronic equipment.


PBX: 3728440

Km 4 via Duran Tambo,

 Av Raul C. Huerta.

Zona Industrial, Mz B-2, Solar 4.

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